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Halló þú!


Ég er þessi MAJA...

I am a Transformational Life & Leadership Coach here to encourage and empower leaders and leadership teams to level up in personal and professional creativity and power!

Coaching helps people excel!

YOU design your Life and your Business from the inside out! 

YOU are the BOSS and the Creator of YOU!

But... it does not mean you have to go at it alone. True IMPACT takes TEAMWORK. 

As a transformational coach I am simply a conduit and a witness to greatness unfolding.

Leadership starts within. Know thyself and you will know how to better relate to others. Take your ego out of your way and people will want YOU to lead the way. Encourage and empower others to step up in personal and professional power and you become the truest of Leaders. As humans we are all more alike than not but we often struggle in knowing Self as well as understanding one another. Our creativity rests in our ability to create, maintain and nurture healthy relationships. All is a choice. Leadership is a choice and YOU know this to be true.

Leadership is about creating healthy relationships and making a difference; creating true IMPACT.  

Who are YOU? Who do you WANT to be?

Where are you going? How do you intend to get there?

What will be your legacy?

The myriad of questions and choices we have before us... which way do we choose?

How often we ponder... yet maybe not often enough?


When two or more great minds and souls collaborate to cooperate with the Universe the potential for IMPACT grows exponentially. YOU are so much more than meets the eye with all your beautiful creativity and strength resting within ready to emerge.   

I love opening up to authentic connections and collaboration with the Universe.

I love connecting with realness and embracing the duality of Life and Business.

I love seeing all sides to situations as small truths lead to bigger truths. 

I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach with 16+ years experience as a coach to Leaders, Creators and Leadership Teams. I have a degree in Interior Architecture and a Masters in Business Management and I am a designer, creator and writer...

When creativity strikes me and time allows... I go with the flow.




Create a Life YOU Love!

YOU are the designer.
YOU are the BOOS!

YOU design your Life.

YOU are the Creator.


Leadership starts the moment we choose to confront ourselves & get over ourselves!

"it's not all about you" 


Love is who we are.

The quality of our relationships rests in our ability to build & maintain healthy relationships & "come from a place of love"


You design your Life by

being conscious of your

various thoughts & choices. 

We are moulded by

our thinking, actions & habits.

what people say

Maja's Story

To make it short and simple;

  • I am a visionary and an empathetic coach who prefers to keep my circle REAL! 

  • I help leaders and leadership teams transition and transform with greater ease and joy.

  • I love leaning into connection and cooperation with the Universe. 

The long winded version;

What others tend to find most interesting about me is that I am Icelandic.
My accent will eventually give me away and as such my nationality is definitely an icebreaker. My time is split between Iceland and Arizona and I love my Life of extreme contrast.


From the ghetto to the desert to the top of a glacier I have lived a full and interesting Life, and studied design, business and human transformation. I have experienced, explored, and witnessed a great deal and been fortunate to travel, learn, overcome, create and love a lot! There is a lot to life and this life of ours is surely made to be lived, felt and experienced. Still I keep living, loving and learning and I am grateful for every moment and embrace the duality of it all.  

Loving & Learning

I have not become anything as much as I have let go of what I thought I should be.

If I have become anything at all it is simply a witness to greatness unfolding. In various versions have I been privileged to witness inspiring human beings design and create various acts of greater good. As a coach I am continually inspired by my coahees. When another trusts me to witness their brave journey, sharing experiences, insights and lessons, hopes, dreams, fears and more, I feel humbled and expansive. 


Coaching is a beautiful exchange based in eternal openness to infinite potential and I love holding that space of Love, Light and Learning for another as others have done for me. Coaching can bring about a magical exchange of seeing and witnessing various sides to situations. The eagle's perspective is free from perceptions of limitations.

Coaching is fun and coaching helps leaders excel! Excelling is FUN!

Leading with your heart

A heart that knows pain also knows love and I have some golden wisdom wounds which at times I may feel inspired to share but past pain is not meant to be at the center of my story. I AM HERE TO LOVE and to learn and keep learning. What once may have felt shattering can grow into a beautiful, shiny victory wound that one can honour as an eternal source of inspiration for growth, strength and expansiveness.

Yes, I have been hurt in life and I am still here.

My heart is still open and I am proud of it's resilience.   


Nobody is coming to save you!  


At an early age, I learned that "nobody was coming to save me"!  

Nobody is coming to "save YOU" either...

Truth is; the only person who gets to be the hero in your hero's journey is... YOU. 

Other people's situations, perspectives on happiness or misery need not define us or even influence our mood, prospects or otherwise.

It need not... but do we let it?

You can stop reading HERE and get this next main point & headline...

YOU are the Boss of YOU!​

Now by all means; take that simple phrase home with you and make it your mantra in front of a mirror. I am the boss of me! 

No matter who you think you are or where you come from your greatest act of defiance is to step up & lead your own Life & Business like a BOSS!

Just OWN IT!

IT = Infinite Truth.


Be an Owner in Life... not a Victim.

Be a Leader... not a follower. 

I am a bit of a rebel and I like doing things my way! What about you?

Are you here to lead or follow?

Resilience is built into my veins!

In my physical and often often intellectual expression; I am a Viking woman. I was born in Iceland into a long lineage of hard workers; farmers and fishermen. My parents were teenagers, struggling to make ends meet. The overall lessons I received from my ancestors was how to fight and survive. Early on I realised that I would have to learn to do some things differently if I wanted a Life that was more inspiring than mere survival. 

Yes, I want more

Knowledge empowers and I loved (and still love) to learn as studying is a solace. By being a no-trouble, good student kid I found my way out of the ghetto and off the island of Iceland as I became the first person in my family to get an advanced education and to study abroad. Still to this day, I love expanding my horizons.

As a young girl I got to know the complexities of LIFE, and also "Life's hidden gifts" in complex, inter-generational trauma. My ancestors lived without basic utilities in a harsh, isolated climate; living off a cold land as poor farmers, fishermen and servant workers. Stories from my ancestral lineage were filled with hardships and struggles for survival, insurmountable loss, hunger, poverty, mental illnesses and addictions. Those stories alone made it feel very scary to just have to become a grownup. Yikes! 


It sometimes felt as if I was witnessing those stories on repeat in my environment. 

How was I to survive? Is everything going to be ok? What comes next?

Did you know that a child without a reliable safety net is a child that develops anxiety and a tendency to overthink and detach? We all have our dark side and our upside. 


There really are no rules to follow!


Given my ancestors hardships, my early years were somewhat of an upgraded version although maybe not to the greatest extent. Perhaps I too was "destined" to know hardships and trauma inherent to being born into a "lesser class" with less privilege. Such was the gift of being a "no name, poor kid" born into a long lineage of lower class Icelanders. Sort of like being from the wrong side of the tracks in "small town USA" or something like that. Anyone who has been there, knows this place. In this place; there are different if any rules to follow. 

The backstory


I was raised in a rather unpredictable environment; in the excitement and drama of a subsidised housing complex. Life was often a chaotic spectacle. Prior to moving there, I experienced my parents (not so friendly) divorce, and relational dysfunctions, and had been moved to a children's home where I stayed for a few months. We had become homeless and were on hold to receive housing solutions from social services. My mother thought it would just be a few weeks but months would pass.  

At just nine years old, I got to experience how truly alone and unsafe a person can feel in this world. Although there were people around who were meant to take care of the children at the children's home some of them did not make us feel safe. Having my younger brothers to attend to gave me purpose and meaning but I still felt abandoned and alone and fragile. Have you been there? 


We only have today...

Today, I happen to have many wonderful brothers and sisters who add great Purpose and Meaning to my Life as I enjoy connecting with real people. What would give YOUR Life purpose and meaning? Do you base the quality of Life on the quality of your relationships or on your sense of freedom or greater sense of IMPACT or is it something else?   

Coaching helps us better relate to ourselves as well as others and teaches us to set healthier limits and boundaries. This is how we create more meaningful and positive relationships. We start by going within. Then we create solid agreements with Self and others. 

In my early years, my focus was mainly on surviving and helping to take care of others. 

By nature and by design I am a big sister and I often function as such but truth is I had to do a lot of work to understand issues related to co-dependency. You can not be a saviour to others. You can only save yourself and you need to shine your light of Love on YOU first. 

Today, my focus is on THRIVING and my genuine wish is for the people I surround myself with in Life and Work to also be THRIVING. I am naturally supportive and my authenticity is my superpower. This happens to make my Life fun and enjoyable and I am careful with the people I invest in and hope you are the same. I keep my circle REAL. 

Inner peace and alignment

Chaos and excitement can be great teachers and yet we all crave inner peace and alignment, authentic connection and love. Life can be simple but being simple can be very difficult. This is where coaching can help in creating order out of perceptions of chaos and helping us embrace and expand our Life and Business.

My childhood circumstances pushed me to grow up fast and become a bit wiser than my years would tell but I was also naïve and had so much to learn and discover.

Life is still not done teaching me. Self-reliance is what I believe I was made to learn as well as admitting to sometimes needing support and connection. What about you? 

Are you here to be a lone wolf in this lifetime or are you here to connect and collaborate? 


I remember hoping for a saviour and wanting someone to take care of me but having to learn that this saviour could only be me. Learning to take care of oneself and relying on oneself helps us learn the beautiful balance of giving & receiving. We have to learn to lead Self before leading another. Lead your mind and lead by your heart and you will lead by example. We all keep moving, growing, evolving. We all have to be our own saviour and trust in a power far greater than our little ego. We can lead our lives and our businesses with greater calm and conviction as soon as we are ready to "get over ourselves". 


Life is always leading us forwards


Snakker to dansk? It is amazing how Life keeps moving us in the direction we need it to move but we normally only see this to be true after the fact. When I was fifteen years old my mother and stepfather decided to move to Denmark to discover "greener pastures".

Jylland was definintely greener than the environment of the subsidised housing complex but instead of the move being the safe haven they might have been seeking it became a chaotic time for the family. A few months in mom and stepdad chose to separate and move back to Iceland. 


Once again "little me" felt alone and on my own being a witness to relational dysfunctions and lack of commitment to anything other than personal demons and addictions.

Was I always going to be left to fend for myself?

This time around it was I who decided to get left by staying behind in Denmark.

Having made a wonderful friend I was offered to live with her and her family so I could finish the school year. I asked to stay and I was not afraid nor sad. To me, this felt like an adventure in a new and different environment and a welcome break from family chaos.

As if by divine design all worked out and I truly enjoyed learning to adapt to another culture and learning to speak and express myself in another language. Getting to know words, ideas, notions, customs and new places was a thrill and I loved meeting new people who knew me for me, did not care where I came from or have any preconceived notions of who or what I was supposed to be. 

It felt freeing just being

At fifteen it felt freeing just being a not so lonely Icelander in Denmark and I witnessed how it really does not matter where we come from or what language we speak; we are all so much more alike than we are not. To an extent I may have "missed out" on having a calm and carefree childhood but I most definitely gained valuable perspective.

I'll take that win. Being FREE to BE.

All is a matter of Perspective​

Later in life; I found myself to have become a struggling overachiever with two college degrees, two children, two small businesses and no real focus. Having studied design and business I invested my all in creating my own design businesses as I had the illogical idea that having my own business would give me more flexibility and time with my children. 


Too much, too fast, too soon. Something had to shift in my approach as I found myself burning out trying to do and be everything to everyone. Do you know the story?


This is when I discovered coaching. By the luck of the draw I met a gifted coach who invited me to take a seat in his 12 person mastermind group. It so happened that my mastermind buddies saw something in me which I had not seen in myself. They saw a coach. My coach saw a coach. They saw a fresh matter of perspective.


All is a matter of perspective and sometimes common sense is just not that common. Given my coach's encouragement and the "go for it's" from my mastermind buddies I got the push I needed from the Universe and decided to add Coaching to my toolbox, not really thinking it would necessarily become a thing.


My participation in the mastermind group was meant to elevate my design business but instead I sort of accidentally discovered a new way to be me simply being me. 


Realising how fun it can be to mix coaching, design and business thinking all into ONE expansive conversation is how I discovered my little niche. Life and Business Design Coaching which led into Leadership Coaching with an emphasis on Heart Led Leadership. Hmmm... this was all so interesting. Coaching can open floodgates. 

I am a coach by nature = true story!

Coaching helped me shift my own perspective on Life, and feel more connected with Self and others. Coaching helped me feel even more resilient and creative in how I approach this concept called Life. Coaching can do the same for YOU. Coaching is a methodology designed to help people connect and open up to Self and others. 

Oh how I love it... when my coachee's become coaches to others and the cycle of positive transformation continues. Coaching conversations invite positive transformation.

Where does my ambition come from?

As a young girl I remember thinking to my little self that there just had to be another way to do this "thing called Life" than the versions that were being displayed to me. No one was around to show me or tell me how Life was supposed to be lived, let alone mastered.

As far as I could tell, Life was something to be survived not necessarily enjoyed.

Who was I to want more?

Do you listen to your inner guidance? 

I truly believe we all have an inner guru guiding us. Are you listening to yours?

Overthinkers tend to overthink and I have always been fascinated by our thoughts.

What if all you are is who you think you are? Are you going to be ruled by anxiety?

Your life is not set in stone as you are constantly growing and evolving as a human being. We are constantly thinking and creating new thoughts, ideas and new scenarios and outcomes. Like a lead actor in your own movie YOU are making all of the right moves.

A Leader of Self and others is someone who chooses a path of intentional growth and evolution. A Leader is someone who helps create a positive transformation for a greater collective. 


Fire transforms matter in an instant while water slowly shapes and smoothes out all edges. Sometimes we go fast and sometimes it is better to take things nice and slow and go with the flow. This goes for Life and Business. As long as you are willing to grow and evolve... YOU have limitless potential. 

Listen to your heart

I do not believe that anyone's potential or worth is predestined or determined by the circumstances one is in or born into although our past remains a point of reference.

Why do some people step up and level up to lead with great results while others choose to follow? Why do some break free from limitations while others remain the same?

What guides YOU in your Life and Business?


What guidance do you listen to? 

Through coaching I first heard of the Victim vs. Owner Mindsets and this flipped my worldview as I saw the duality of Life and the Power of our Choices. We can either choose to be Victims in life or we can choose to be Owners of our lives. I have a choice!?

Do you understand that who YOU are is essentially just an accumulation of choices?

I remind myself everyday that I always have choices. 

Your mindset is a choice!

Do you choose to see your struggles through the lens of a Victim or do you choose to see the lessons given through the lens of an Owner? How does a person begin to "change destiny" and create a different kind of a Life than the one they were born into and may not wish to repeat? A long lineage of struggle and trauma is something one can carry with them through a lifetime. Past traumas can sometimes play on repeat.

How do you set yourself FREE? Do it NOW. 

When faced and embraced, past burdens can become lighter.

The past need not define us nor determine our potential.

Our future is always being created in the moment of NOW.

YOU can claim your power at any moment.

Set yourself FREE

Having fewer answers than questions never diminished my hunger for change and transformation which since has barely subsided. Some things I definitely had to learn the hard way which now makes me better equipped at saving someone else a few steps.

This is the gift of loving and learning. 


Knowing early on that my future could only be up to me was freeing in many ways. 

The only power worth acquiring is one of greater personal knowledge & wisdom. 

As a kid, I wanted to learn, grow and evolve... and do so in my own way.

Coaching, sociology, psychology, philosophy, business, design... I still find these topics and more to be fascinatingly interesting. I enjoy creating visual art and designs and sort of feel a need to keep moving, creating, growing and evolving, learning something or putting something out there! I write so I can better make sense of my Self and other human beings. Sometimes this helps another make sense of themselves. I love when that happens.

As I keep leaning into connection and cooperation with the Universe I realise how my own life continues to be a never-ending journey of growth and evolution.

My Life is my design project just like your Life is your design project and I love it.

Are you HERE to intentionally designing your Life and Business from the inside out?

Are YOU here to embrace growth and evolution? I know I AM.

You are your own guru!


We all have to figure this Life of ours out, do we not?

And also make something fun of it...

We all have to choose ourselves at one point or another, do we not?

YOU are your own guru and YOU do not need a coach. But...

Do YOU WANT to work with a coach? Now that is a different story.


Do YOU WANT personal and professional transformation?



For in person coaching I mostly travel between Arizona, California, Iceland and Europe. 

I am available for online meetings through most virtual platforms.  

I am interested and adept at working with up-and coming Superstars, Creative Leaders and Rockstar Executives, as well as the seasoned C-Suite "Sufferers", Legacy Builders, Change Makers and succeeding Founders.

The Leadership Journey is fascinating!

If YOU wish to LEAD with HEART, SOUL and conviction give me a holla.



Nice to meet YOU 🤍



Vision precedes Strategy, Mindset precedes Skillset... YOUR Energy is your Currency. 


​Bless... & release... 🤍



I AM... kind of over my Self.

Aren't you?

I mean...

Aren't you "over you"? 

Who am I?

Does it even matter?

I am here to help "you"

BE (more) "YOU".


​But, ok...

in "putting yourself out there"

one is expected to

share some parts of their story...

Where do I begin?

Where do I end?

MajaLovisa2-photo by Stefan Karlsson.jpg

Coaching Contact

I work with most clients from one to three years.

Some I work with for 3-6 months.

I only take on a select few one-on-one coachee's per year.

Several I have worked with for over five years, and one I have worked with since 2007.


My coaching is not for the faint of heart.

I only work with those whose word is more powerful than any contract. For serious and appropriate inquiries; email

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