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We all get to be a unique prototype of our own being and making. 

We can also choose to be somewhat of a repeat version of what once was.

But, who wants to choose that?!

Basically, who YOU are NOW is nothing but an accumulation of choices!

Will YOU "choose" to evolve?

What if... you woke up to realise that YOU are a spiritual being who has been given an opportunity to be a human for a very short amount of time? "Your gift" is to experience all there is in being human; the beauty, the pain, fear, love, heartache, reactivity, creativity, joy and peace.... ahhh how amazingly fascinating this journey can BE! 

Knowing all YOU now know, would you have said "YES" to getting to experience this human experience?

Would you perhaps see your human existence in a different light, and be more intentional with your time, your thoughts and your actions?

Would you choose to consciously create your Life from the inside out?

Or leave it up to chance?

Why is the coaching industry growing so fast?

Tony Robbins is the world's most famous Life Coach. He answers this question like this; "It’s quite simple: people are increasingly becoming more goal-oriented, more ambitious, and more accountable for results, and this has created a natural demand for coaches who can help them. It used to be that personal growth and making smart life decisions was “optional.” It used to be that most people didn’t feel that “advice” would help them in their relationships, health, parenting, business, or other areas of life. Now millions of people believe that somebody could come into their life, understand their situation, give them critical advice, and they would have better results. That “somebody” who comes into your life—is a coach."

There is no right or wrong way... 

When it comes to the hero's journey, frequently displayed in popular culture; the departure, initiation and return of the hero, is always the hero's own choice. Showing up to life is a choice! 

Breaking moulds by eliminating limiting perceptions, and old programming is also a choice!

Being and becoming whoever YOU want to BE... is YOUR right & YOUR choice!

Whatever it may be that you are showing up to and showing up for... just showing up is a choice!

Thank you for showing UP to this reading. 

If you've made it this far... the bottom line for YOU to take away with you is this; 

YOU are your own hero!

In order to be our own hero in life, we have to make the choice to be so.

Choices have consequences so why not be lovingly creative with our choices?

Life is beautiful and time is precious and finite. 

“Every hero’s journey is one of ultimate transformation. The story of the fool is to become wise. The story of the cynic is to break open in vulnerability and authenticity—to become real. The story of the despairing is to find hope, faith, and renewal. The story of the fearful or weak is to awaken into the nobility of one’s own true strength. These are fundamental journeys of the spirit, the narrative arc of souls.“

~Thomas Hübl

Coaching can help you make sense of your story


What is the story you keep telling yourself?

What story do you want to create?

A coach's place is simply to create a space of acceptance and openness for that which is to BE... to emerge and become! Working with any great coach, let alone a fantastic transformational life design coach is about embracing a journey of your Spirit. 


At the end of the day... YOU create your clarity and direction.

A coach can help as a guide and conduit.

Coaching is creative

As a transformational coach I am only a conduit, a perspective shifter, and a loving witness to another's greatness unfolding. If a coach were to have an agenda; it would be to empower another to open up to an even fuller, more creative dance with the universe.

And, so we dance!

As stated by The Ultimate Coach.

The gifts of open-minded, co-creative conversations can be endlessly accumulative to those who are open to receive. 

The results inherent in coaching conversations are greater clarity and personal insight.

This is a given!


True transformation begins when we embrace Oneness with Self and others, and choose to be and become the hero of our own journey by getting over ourselves! 

Why would YOU WANT coaching?

Coaching conversations are open-minded, non-judgmental "mirrors" to our "thinking" which helps us create inner clarity and alignment. Listening to your own wisdom emerge shifts one's own perspective and approach, inviting positive transformation into one's existence. Most of us desire greater alignment with Self as well as others. Coaching can help a leader objectively observe various sides to situations and understand one's own game and the player of that game to a much greater extent. 

Self precedes "others". Coaching does not aim to fix the past as therapy does that best. 

Coaching is based in the power of NOW and in being creative with choices that lead to "future building".

Coaching is about embracing your own innate creativity as a leader in Life and Business.


Increasingly complex and challenging times can unravel the strongest of people, and spread our attention in various directions. Coaching has become an investment many smart people make because our attention is our main commodity, and our attention is frequently manipulated by outside forces. Guarding our attention has become a full time job!

Coaching guards your attention

Do you ever feel scattered or unfocused, manipulated by outside forces or uninspired in your Life?​

Partnering with an independent coach continues to rise in popularity for all levels of leadership development as it is proven to empower personal and professional growth and evolution.

A transformational coach does not help you pluck your weeds but aims to help you develop your own eagle's perspective. The returns on executive coaching are frequently demonstrated to be nothing short of PHENOMENAL! Coaching is a mentoring, support and accountability system to leaders who WANT to invest time, and attention to their personal and professional growth and evolution. It's all by your own choice!


It's pretty basic!

Your Coach is there to hold YOU to higher standards than "you" may at times do for your Self! 

My fitness coach will not let me leave an ounce of untapped potential at the floor of a gym... but I might!

Another's commitment, interest and inspiration to "your success" can be truly transformational.

It feels good to be supported and focused. 

The effectiveness of various coaching methods are widely known and proven in the world of sports. Coaching for executives, leaders and C-Suite "sufferers" is a more recent development for human support yet a necessary one as the leaders of today are the ones tasked with changing our world for the better.

I believe we are all here to collectively create a more loving and sustainable world and that we can, in fact, realise greater potential through expansive coaching conversations.  


Leaders need all the encouragement and support they can get as they are often the ones receiving the least feedback. Life and business coaching continues to rise in popularity. Could this be because Life keeps getting more and more complex? Or is it because our attention keeps being spread too thin?

When so much calls for our how can we create our own focus?

How can we even find the right coach?

A great coach can magnify your results!

Do you "see" a positive potential in reflecting with another to help you "see" what you need or want to "see" in order to simplify your Life and flow with it ALL with greater ease? 


​Coaching has been around long enough to prove that a Great Coach can truly magnify YOUR results and help you break down your perception of "barriers". In order to invite transformation in; we begin by seeing ourselves in a grander perspective, embracing where we are now as we choose to create forwards movements that leads us to where we want to be.

All of us benefit from working through our human "issues".

We invite healing into our psyches and create greater alignment through open dialogues with therapists, coaches, friends, family, and co-workers. Honest connections and open communication are our healers.

Seek people who aims to "see you" because what happens when people open up their hearts and feel seen?


People heal.

People transform.

People create! 

A coach is your "buddy" in the project of "YOU"

Not all of us have an expert buddy to comfortably converse with about our Life & Business. Not all of us can trust that a completely open and non-judgmental "space of being" can be created for us by even our innermost circles. And so we get an outside perspective to help us see our circumstances with fresh eyes.


Transformation is always and eternally possible. In this moment, YOU can choose to make a beautiful connection with your Self and others. Leaning into connection, despite prior heartaches or disappointments is always possible. We can practice the simple art of being every single day. Truly being YOU entails forgiving, and letting go... repeatedly. Transforming. Truth is; nothing can stand in your way but YOU.

What I do as Coach Maja?


As a coach, I help business owners and leaders, grow and evolve their ventures with less stress and overwhelm and do so feeling more creative and calm. I help create greater oversight and CLARITY by focusing on Big Picture; Vision & Strategy. I practice radical acceptance, cooperation and candor and always lean into connection, healing, growth and positive transformation. WE ARE ONE is my mentality.

Inherent in a coaching partnership with ME will be much greater FOCUS, and accountability to RESULTS. 


My sweet spot is BIG PICTURE thinking, perspective shifting, mindset matters, love for human development, design, business and strategy. Relational coaching comes naturally to me as I can see many sides to situations and comprehend the complexity of humans. I have great respect, sensitivity and understanding for personal and interpersonal dynamics and concerns. Leadership has a lot to do with creating and nurturing healthy relationships. Consciously, I work on being limitless in my open-mindedness to limitless possibilities, moving IQ to EQ, as greater alignment occurs when we connect with the sensibilities of our hearts, as well as with the wisdom of our mind and oneness with Spirit.

I have been involved in Life & Business Design Coaching for Leaders for over 16 years. Some of my leaders (coachees) have gone from single owner entrepreneurs to creating public companies and ESOP's.

The leadership journey is fascinating as it always involves growth and evolution, continually so.

I am also also a designer and a leader in my own world, a wife, mother and business owner who got educated in design (BSD), and business (MBA), and moved into coaching "by a happy accident" after meeting my first coach who encouraged the coaching potential in ME.

I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach who is trauma aware and informed, continually receiving lessons and "updates" on coaching and related matters; human development theories, leadership studies, relationships, and world affairs. As a Coach, I bring ALL of ME along with ALL of my insights to the table but our time together is still going to be ALL ABOUT YOU! 

I tend to enjoy complex projects and creating order out of perceptions of chaos.

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