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It’s been fun for me to think about this testimonial for my coach, Maja.  It’s been over 10 years we’ve been working together.  It started in Mesa, where we met for breakfasts and/or lunches.  And when Maja moved back to Iceland (for some years), I remember thinking that it would be the end of a great coaching experience for me because the phone would be too weird.  We gave it a shot… and it worked great!

Maja is amazing "in person" and also very effective "virtually".


I am struggling to define what Maja’s contribution has been to myself personally and Chasse Building Team.  I’m not struggling to find something to say… I’m struggling to contain the list of impacts Maja’s had.  I’m going to just list a bunch of the areas:

  • Personal reflection and goals

  • Personal improvement plans

  • Company strategic goals, core values, mission and vision creation

  • Creating the structure and evolving the structure over 10 years of our company’s growth

  • Creating financial goals and then revising the goals upwards upon consistently achieving them

  • Strategic planning with key Chasse Building Team’s leadership

  • Supplemental coaching for Chasse’s key folks when needed

  • Moral support during times of company crisis

  • Public Relations brainstorming during any company crisis or situation

  • Great sounding board

  • Great resource for creative idea generation during project pursuits

  • Defining Chasse culture now and what it looks like in the future

  • Leadership and relational coaching for leadership team.


This is just a start.  Maja’s involvement in our company’s evolution has been consistent during our course of existence.  We’ve grown every year in revenues and profits.  It’s exciting to reflect on Maja’s impact on both myself and Chasse.  We’re not done by any means but reflecting on progress, Maja’s been incredibly impactful to myself and Chasse.  I can provide my highest recommendation and also warn you that if one’s willing to do the work, Maja’s contributions are invaluable!


Maja is fantastic!!!!

Barry Chasse

President of Chasse Building Team

Most Admired Leader

Heart-based Leadership

Maja is a one of a kind transformational coach and LIFE-advisor. She has intuition, sensitivity and understanding in the most diverse situations and can read people with insight, experience and maturity. Maja is genuinely supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging, and she has the most unique way of seeing all sides of situations. This is a gift she gives to those who may be in the search for the right way for themselves or their business. 


With Maja you get results in so many ways as you will get to know yourself better and learn to truly listen and connect; not just to the sensibility of the mind but also to the sensibilities of the heart.

This brain and heart mix provides the most valuable insights in the many challenges life can bring.

With Maja, I always find the right way for me no matter what it is that I am dealing with.

Tinna Hrafns
Founder of Freyja Film Works

Director and Film Producer

Maja's insight is almost supernatural and her coaching style is very effective. Maja will make sure you have a clear direction and an action plan that you can trust within with all of your might and power.

When you know with 100% certainty that you are on the right path it gives you immeasurable energy and drive! Maja's coaching methods help you see your Life and work as a whole. Maja will teach you, mentor you, and inspire you to - far exceed your own expectations!


Ira Rosen

Founder of Mojo Global Marketing

As an entrepreneur and business owner I've had to tackle several changes and challenges related to life and business. On numerous occasions have I had to pause and ask myself, where am I headed and which direction do I choose? In those moments I have sought Maja as my life and business coach because she truly is the best listener, but her greatest gift is in the questions she asks, and in the mind-blowing insights she comes up with. Maja is a relentless visionary who loves empowering others and get people to move out of their own way! 

Maja's insights often bring out things that totally ring true and you may feel  as if you know it already on a deep level, but when you are not yet able to comprehend the BIGGER PICTURE, somehow Maja always gets you to that place! 

Anna Maria Ragnars

Founder AMRO Private Label Skin Care  

Maja is a designer, entrepreneur and a savvy leadership coach with an amazing perspective on life.

She is made different! With Maja's openness and honesty in conversations she never fails to shift perspectives to a higher level of consciousness. And that's where it starts!

Maja's vast experiences, eternal optimism and openness to endless possibilities is mind-blowing! 

Maja's coaching style is warm and comes from the heart but she can also be very direct and to the point!

Being in her presence is just real and refreshing! Maja is kind of like a guru who does not believe in gurus, at all!

Her somewhat obvious agenda is always to create forward movement. You will learn to know she truly loves your growth!

If you get to have Maja as your coach, she will get you to face your self with compassion and honesty and do it with her piercing, warm eyes and big, friendly smile. Maja just gets you and gets to you! 

Thank you Maja for being YOU and for supporting me in being me!

Ps. I loved the little me - BIG ME exercise and transformation. Seeing my self with different eyes, in and through various times has changed my reaction to everything and made me feel calmer and so much more open and creative. Yay!

Jennifer Brown

Next Level Health Coaching 

“Maja was a keynote speaker on customer service and a facilitator for our IT department’s strategy workshop. She captured the attention of our 180 team members throughout the day and gave an interesting and motivating talk about purposely creating our customer experiences. Her insight and meeting facilitation was perfect for capturing and framing the topic and goal of the workshop.”


Elisabet Jonsdottir

IT Department Manager - Arion banki

It is powerful to experience Maja's energy and support and she has an amazing ability in shifting a person's perspective from doubt to feelings of creativity and power!

Since working with Maja I am much more focused and successful in my life and business and more convinced than ever that I really can make all my dreams come true! 

Thank you Maja for being such a great partner in my life and business and for helping me design the life I always wanted to live.

I feel limitless! 

Fabien Bertault

Founder of Power Networking International 

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