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Five Great Ways to Calm & Detox your Mind...

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

Below are five simple and accessible ways to calm and detox your mind from overwhelm and clutter. On, two, three, four, five... YOU got this!

1. Journal your thoughts and get to know and understand your own thought process.

(Others will not do this for you.) Remember; Your future is being created by "you".

Self-awareness goes a long way in how we face anything in life. When a certain matter may be causing you stress or feelings of misalignment, choosing to "write it out" can be transformative and healing. Freely write how you are feeling about a difficult matter or a topic of concern. Then, read it over a while later, and ask self: is all this real and true?

Is there perhaps another way I could perceive this story? Is that story even true? What else could be true? What else could be untrue? Explore if you can allow several truths to exist simultaneously.

Remember: All is true and none is true. It simply is what it is. There is no right or wrong in journaling or in other matters, for the matter.

2. Notice and Meditate.

A great meditative practice is the simple act of noticing.

Notice life as it moves along and passes by. Notice the birds, flying in the sky, resting in trees, insects buzzing, drinking nectar, cars rhythmically driving down a street, the sun shining through a beautiful view, reflecting in surfaces. Listen for the whispers in the wind as you notice the thoughts that arise within your mind. Just notice. Do not judge a single thing or thought. Just notice. Make note of what you notice.

The simple act of pausing and noticing is something we must will ourselves to do.

Nowadays, this ancient and simple meditative practice does not come as naturally to some as we all might think it would. It sounds so simple does it not?

Yet, our world is filled with so much conditioning which make us feel as if we have to be "on the go" in order to be considered productive members of society. To hell with that!

Just start by noticing!

Noticing is almost an act of rebellion.

Notice what is being reflected back to you.

Let it all come and then let it all fly on by....

Notice what you see, hear, feel and sense.

Notice your cravings and obsessions.

Notice your joy and your ease.

Notice your breath and your beautiful body.

Notice YOU.

Just notice.

3. Declutter & Clean

Getting your environment in order is the greatest gift a person can give to their own psyche. Marie Kondo's concept of "Does it bring you joy?" is such a simple and inspiring method for minimising it may be worth a read. Truthfully, less is more in all aspects of life and our stuff need not define us, nor burden us by feelings of overwhelm. Stuff is just stuff! None of it will go with you into your grave as the days of being a Pharaoh buried with all your possessions so you can travel in style in the afterlife are no more.

Commit to creating an environment that nurtures a calmer, less stressful state of being for you. Do not allow your self to get tied down by your own possessions. When your environment is calmer, cleaner, simpler and more organised, your mind gets impacted and starts feeling, and living from a place of calm in the order you have created.

4. Listen to music

Truthfully, any genre will do, as long as you like it or love it and it helps you feel alive, whether calm or uplifted. The choices are endless. Music is one of the fastest conduits to impact your psyche and alter your mood. Music can be a great healer and mood setter, and this we can use to our advantage. Our brainwaves respond to music as has been demonstrated by bioelectric feedback studies. Music can decrease physical pain sensitivity and alter states of consciousness. Imagine the power of sound healing?

What is the state of consciousness you my be seeking?

What song or sound might get you there? Experiment with music.

Better yet... add movement to the music.

5. Move

Dance, walk, run, swim, hike, bike, stretch... just move.

Movement is like a mind detoxifier on steroids! The best way to get "out of your mind" is to get into your body. Plus, movement gets rewarded in better health and wellbeing which further affects your mood and mental health.

Just imagine yourself moving around in a nice environment, fully present, noticing what you see and hear, hearing beautiful sounds in the background. Your mind is free from all worries. Your mind is free. You are free. Just move. Move it all through you.... whatever "it" is and your mind will get clearer, and clearer, and clear.

One, two, three, four, five.... YOU got this!


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