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Halló þú!


I AM a Transformational Life & Leadership Coach helping leaders & leadership teams step up in personal & professional creativity & power!

Halló ÞÚ - Ég er MAJA

They say you have to "put yourself out there"...

Who are "they" anyway?! So... there ya' go! HERE is my BIG head! Lol.

I haven't become anything but I have let go of who I thought I should be...

Halló þú aftur...

I am Maja Love (a.k.a. María Lovísa Árnadóttir) and I am a Transformational Life & Leadership Coach helping leaders and leadership teams get aligned to step up in personal & professional creativity & power! My authenticity is my superpower.

That's what it's all about!

My mission is to help leaders BE... even more creative in their Life & Business Design ventures.

My passion is to lean into creativity, connection and cooperation with... the Universe.

The leaders of today are our world's change-makers and leaders require support. Right!? 

On a personal level I truly believe that by coaching and inspiring inspirational leaders (who then move on to inspire others), I can help "sprinkle some more Love into MY WORLD". 

The world is never going to be worse off with some more Love and support sprinkled into it... is it?! (Perhaps we are all self-serving in one way or another...) 

What are "you" here to create?


Have you discovered your "Ikigai"?

Our future generations are in dire need of leadership from emotionally mature and awakened people, parents and partners. Some of us will need to... (or feel a need to) heed the call & STEP UP TO LEAD... both Self & others. The way we were is not who we become. We are always growing and evolving, personally and professionally. Although we embrace leadership as a life journey it does not mean we have to go at it alone. Having a well-matched, experienced Coach to reflect with can truly assist you in being a better leader in Life and in Business. 

Are you open to finding someone to walk alongside you on YOUR JOURNEY so you can get over yourself!? Now, choose your partners wisely. I do.


YOU always have a choice!

If YOU are reading this page... chances are YOU already know that you are destined for a Life of Leadership or you may already BE a seasoned Leader looking to "wind down" and "pass the baton". Honestly, I get it! Having been through the journey as a witness many times over and also a player, I can truly say... I get it! It's personal... and yet... it's really not!

To make it short; I help leaders grow, evolve and transition with greater ease & joy!




I AM HERE to heed my call....

Are YOU ready to heed your call?

Ps. If you need medication or therapy, seek a mental health professional. Many truly are like angels in human form and super skilled in their craft. If you are here because you truly feel that you are "thinking clearly" and are ready to be creative in creating your own clarity, being your own mastermind and are "game to design your own legacy"...

Well then...

Halló ÞÚ enn og aftur... I AM MAJA LOVE - The Life Designer. 

Coaching Contact

I work with most clients from one to three years.

Some I work with for 3-6 months. 

I only take on a select few one-on-one coachee's per year.

Several I have worked with for over five years, and one I have worked with since 2007. 

My coaching is not for the faint of heart.

I only work with those whose word is more powerful than any contract. For serious and appropriate inquiries; email

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