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I AM a Transformational Life & Business Design Coach to leaders & leadership teams dedicated to helping you step up in personal & professional power, connect with your creative self & move out of your own way!

Are you ready to BE intentional in designing your life and business from the inside out?

Your blueprint rests within...

Hello you...

I'm Maja. Small talk is not my forte.  

Not fitting into a box would be my superpower... if I were to have one. 

If you are here; chances are someone told you about me or perhaps you discovered something I wrote, designed or created. Thank you for visiting my coaching page.   


Who am I? Does it even matter? I am here to help "you" BE (more) "YOU".

What truly creates or defines a person? Is our essence demonstrated by our various contributions to the world or in our simple gift of being? I am simply HERE to BE... and show up to what shows up for ME. My time nor yours is to be wasted as time is our most precious resource, albeit an abstract concept. Where attention flows energy grows and as an Eternal Student of Life I have come to view this Life journey as an ongoing design (and discovery) project. So whether by coincidence, choice, or by design; who I am be-ing is who I am be-coming, and who I am becoming has always been more fascinating to me than who I have already been. Make sense? 


Noticing an emphasis on "future focus"?

Future focus is THE FOCUS of transformational coaches for we can not change the past, only learn from it as transformation rests in being creative in the moment of NOW. The NOW is the only moment of creativity, the moment shaping our future. Yes, this all sounds simple as Eckhart Tolle truly got to the point on that one title, but this is only because it is true. Truth tends to be very simple but being simple can be very difficult!  


As a design and business major I have long had a proclivity to see life in terms of both design and business. BIG PICTURE thinking is super fun for me and so I enjoy, and often attract complex projects. Whenever possible, I consciously choose to lean into creativity and intuition, and I am comfortable in leading empowering and visionary conversations. This is always possible. I am a visionary and I always choose to look ahead rather than dwell on the past. 


In any given moment we can choose to own our POWER! 

In any given moment we have a choice in how we show up... to our thoughts, feelings and (re)actions. This is where our creativity rests. We can only be creative with our choices in the moment of NOW having our VISION of the future in mind.   

Having lived a full life, I have studied design, business and human transformation, and experienced, seen and tried a lot, read a lot, traveled a lot, overcome a lot, created a lot, and loved a lot. Still, I keep loving and learning for that is what Life is about!

At an early age, I realised nobody was coming to save me. Nobody is coming to save you either... the only person who gets to be the hero in your hero's journey is YOU!

In my physical, and often intellectual expression, I am a Viking woman. 

I was born in Iceland into a long lineage of hard workers; farmers and fishermen who knew how to fight and survive! Resilience is built into my veins and I got to know the complexities of life, and the feelings of life's complex trauma from an early age. My ancestors lived in harsh isolated climates, living off the land or as servant workers to others while I was raised in a subsidised housing complex after being in a children's home. Given where I came from, we could call my version of a Life start an upgrade but somehow it seemed predetermined that I too was meant to know pain and struggles and the art of survival.   


Who was to teach me how to thrive?

I remember thinking to my "little self" that there just had to be "another way". Was my life path destined to be a path of limits and boundaries due to where I came from? How could I change my "destiny" or create it for my self?! There had to be another way to "do" this thing called Life; another way to "think" if not BE, and so I desperately desired the discovery of "the other way".

Having few strong role models to show me the way, I sought inspiration and strength by being a good student and an avid reader. Perhaps I also desired the acknowledgement I often got from my teachers. A teacher has the power to make a child feel seen. Without a doubt I knew very early on that my Life and future prospects could only be up to "me" . Yes, this felt lonely but true at the time, and yet as limited as I felt by my circumstances I also felt entirely free and limitless in my own way. Nobody was expecting much from me anyway, and I was happy in my escape and inspiration in books. Still, to this day, I love to read and I also love nature, hiking, dancing, dining, yoga, art and all the beauty Life has to offer.


Feeling limited in my upbringing and humble beginnings, I always dreamt of marching to the beat of my own drum! Now, I do! The conventional way to do things has never been my way. Today, I am a grateful Aries girl (if you know one, you get this), a wife, mother, business owner and an independent creator, and mould breaker! I like to treat each day as the gift that it is, and choose to only work with the best people in designing the greatest visions. In so many ways, I have far exceeded my own expectations and I still LOVE breaking moulds! Or rather; let's say, realising that "there are no moulds" to begin with! We may be born into somewhat of a "mould" but we also create our own limits and boundaries.

Life is what YOU make it!

Everything is perception. Our limits and boundaries are a perception. 

Everything is changeable. But, all change starts within...

Change begins with a choice!

I've never liked being told what to do... so do not tell me there are limits!  

Still reading? Yay! Hey!

YOU are HERE because of your choice to BE HERE... right NOW... in this very moment.

That's it. Your life is entirely up to YOU and in this moment right now, this is ALL there is for you to create with. It really is that simple. Thank you for spending your moment HERE with "me".

The moment of NOW is where our consciousness gets shifted into higher states of being.

It is up to YOU to feel at ONE with the world or feel fractured from it. In the moment of NOW we discover our magic and power. Transformational coaching entails coming to a halt, pausing in the moment of now and accessing our higher consciousness and knowing. As humans, we flow and we transform every single day, in any given moment. We are nothing but an on-going design project. About one percent of our cells are replaced each day so just imagine that in only 80 - 100 days you will have replenished the same amount of cells that equal a whole NEW YOU!


In our choices, our future gets created and yet many choose to leave Life entirely up to chance or choose to feel powerless and trapped by their own perceptions. Many do not know how to commit to themselves! Far too many repeatedly make poor choices, perhaps to alleviate feelings of impending failure, creating a self-fulfilled prophecy of doom. Few bother paying attention or simply learn to notice and witness what may be right in front of them. Even fewer choose to go within for answers and greater insights, endlessly seeking something which always seems to remain on the outside. And, yet...

We are all our own guru!


We all get to be a unique prototype of our own being (and making) or we can choose to be a repeat version of what once was. Who YOU are is a choice! We are not meant to be our ancestors although we were meant to value the lessons we learned from them. We are made to evolve! 


Will YOU "choose" to evolve?

I am ME and you are YOU. Isn't it glorious!? Just BEING your self?

What if... you realised that you are a spiritual entity who has been given the opportunity to be a human being for only a short amount of time? Your gift is to experience all there is to being human; all the beauty and heartache, fear and love, reactivity and creativity, joy and peace....

Would you have said "yes" to getting to experience this human experience?

Would you perhaps see this experience in a different light and be more intentional with your thoughts and actions? Would you choose to be more intentional and create your life from the inside out? 

There is no right or wrong way. Only your way.

When it comes to the hero's journey, frequently displayed in popular culture; the departure, initiation and return of the hero is always the hero's own choice. Showing up to life is a choice!

Breaking moulds by eliminating limiting perceptions and programming is a choice!

Whatever it may be that you are showing up to, and showing up for... just showing up is a choice!


Thank you for showing UP!  (And also for reading this far... wow! Now, I'm impressed!) 

Bottom line is this: In order to be our own hero in life, we have to make the choice to be so.

Choices have consequences so why not be creative with our choices? Time is finite. 

“Every hero’s journey is one of ultimate transformation. The story of the fool is to become wise. The story of the cynic is to break open in vulnerability and authenticity—to become real. The story of the despairing is to find hope, faith, and renewal. The story of the fearful or weak is to awaken into the nobility of one’s own true strength. These are fundamental journeys of the spirit, the narrative arc of souls.“

~Thomas Hübl

A coach's place is simply to create a space of acceptance and openness for that which is to BE... to emerge and become! Working with any coach, let alone a transformational life design coach entails going within and embracing a journey of your Spirit. 

At the end of the day... YOU create your clarity as your words reveal your blueprint.

A truly transformational coach is only a conduit, a perspective shifter, and a loving witness to another's greatness unfolding. I seek to be no less nor more than the fire that ignites passion and the water that drowns sorrows. If a coach were to have an agenda; it would be to empower another to open up to an even fuller, more creative dance with the universe. 

And, so we dance.

How did I get into coaching... 

My first coach changed the course of my life by offering the gift of a simple shift in perspective. 


What if YOU could do it differently?

What if...?

The floodgates opened...

Have you ever asked yourself this question or been asked this question with a supportive witness to unfold the answers? This single question can prove to be quite magical. 

What if you were to do "things" differently? Think differently? Act differently? What would you be willing to try out and explore? The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step or maybe just a single question? 


Our lives are not set in stone. We have The Law of Free Will and so there is always MORE we can aspire to inspire and create. In the HERE & NOW it's always possible to "change the course of the future" or create a new "reality" by being conscious with our choices. 

Transformation is a choice. Leadership is a choice. Being intentional is a choice. 

Building your legacy and planning your succession is a choice. Leading with your heart is a choice. Being an asshole is a choice! All is a choice. 


We most definitely can leave our lives and businesses up to chance by having no vision, no goals nor plans, but those are not options I realise for the people I work with.

The goal of coaching is often greater self-awareness, insight, clarity and personal power! 

The results of coaching prove true with research showing vastly accumulative return on investments (788%) in executive coaching programs. Coaching C-suite level executives is more about helping one lean into new ways of "being" rather than new ways of "doing". 


Then what? Why keep evolving? 

A person's evolution as a human being is not complete once you've evolved into positions of leadership? On the contrary as this is where the real work begins! Personal and professional development, people management, systems, processes, goals, strategy, evolution, succession... leadership is an ongoing journey of discovery and creativity. This is why the leader's journey is so immensely inspiring! It is a journey comprised of continuous creativity.

Did I mean the "hero's journey"? If you truly want to be a great leader would this not be one and the same?

Who do you really want to BE? As a leader in life and business? 



ENERGY is your currency!

What are YOU creating?

What do YOU want to create?

Is there anything you need to let go of?

How can you be more creative and not reactive?

Would you choose to journal on these questions?

Are you intentionally designing your legacy, working on your succession plan AND showing up as a strong leader in life and work? Because YOU can! 

In any given moment YOU can choose creativity.

This is what YOU came here to do! To BE CREATIVE with your life... is it not?


I have never been a follower and yet I am not here to resist but rather to flow and transform.

As a design and business major, entrepreneur and business owner I have always been fascinated by all things design and business... but what truly gets me going is witnessing leaders step up and powerfully lead their lives and businesses with heart, creativity and vigor!

This to me... is endlessly inspiring! Leading self & others in teamwork.

Leadership coaching entails focusing on BIG PICTURE - BIG IMPACT as our future can only be created in the moment of NOW, with the choices and decisions we are making. I happen to enjoy BIG PICTURE - BIG IMPACT thinking as well being conscious of the IMPACT of choices. My insight is sharp, my intuition always remains hopeful, and my nature is decisive in choosing growth over comfort.   


Inherent in our one-on-one conversations will be openness, acceptance, trust, and transparency. I do not have time nor interest in playing games nor in "selling" my value. 

If you truly are ready to show up for yourself and intentionally grow and evolve as a leader in this Life (time)... than YES!  I can support that all the way! If you've got grit that inspires we may be a match made in heaven for a coaching partnership. 

(If not, please do not waste my time nor yours;))

Please read my blog for inspiration on personal and professional leadership or for a spark in creativity or insight, and to be reminded of your inherent Free Will and Power!

I truly love sharing some of the concepts I learn and witness as a leadership coach, and plan to do more of it... 

Sign up for my email list to receive a free life assessment worksheet and get started on your evolutionary journey. I may occasionally send you updates. 

If you wish to explore working with me one-on-one, please send an email inquiry.

You are welcome to tell me a little about YOU, and perhaps why you think we might be a good match for a coaching partnership. We would schedule a 15 min discovery call to see if we click.


What we know to be "true" is what happens to be(come) "true".


Still here? Awww.... YOU! ❤

Over two decades ago, a coach got me out of my sleeping slumber of perceptions of limitations. Once upon a time, I felt as if I was destined to do everything on my own, and that I had to learn it all, know it all, and be it all, but instead I discovered an ocean of loving support in the world. Like attract like. Still to this day, I choose to consciously "work" on my personal and spiritual development and I too seek empowerment in other people's support and positive perspectives. It takes a village to raise a human but only a single question to shift a perspective.  

Truth is; the return you get from a coach can be endlessly accumulative but this will ultimately be up to YOU! How you show up to your coaching journey will say everything about YOU as a leader, and what you want to get out of coaching is entirely up to YOU!


The only limits we will have is the limit of what you are willing to receive. 

I have had wealthy clients pay me ridiculous amounts of money only to never show up!!! WTF?!

That is not for me nor should that be for anyone but it did show me how relative money can be when someone's mindset is fixed! I have also coached for free and witnessed massive shifts in perspective and great transformations from a single conversation. Money may get you a coach to work with for such is the flow of energy but it will not buy you your dream transformation. You have to put YOUR energy into your own transformation, show up and do the f*ing work! Apologies, but this is true. I did not make up the rules.

Only time, energy and commitment can help us grow, evolve and transform into greater versions of ourselves. We must never seize desiring growth and evolution. Growth is a beautifully positive experience and a positive desire.   


Right now... YOU are here to show up for YOU!

Some might believe that having a coach is a "nice to have" but for many, especially the ones who find the GREAT coaches and they themselves choose to show up powerfully to their coaching sessions, it becomes an empowering "must have". Investing in oneself in any manner is a personal choice, whether it's going to the gym, eating healthy, drinking water, meditating, connecting with nature, listening to music, connecting with people, getting a haircut... anything! Becoming a greater leader, leaning into your personal power, heightening your own empathy, understanding, vulnerability, relational intelligence, strategies and so on and so forth. Everything is a choice. Everything. 

Think on this; if we are not choosing ourselves why should anyone else be choosing us? 

Why a leader would work with a coach?

Our development as humans does not always go as smoothly as theories imply.

We can oscillate between states of consciousness, sometimes several times throughout a day. Creating clarity in one’s own being can, at times, feel complex, if not overwhelming.

As the saying goes; sometimes we do not see the forest for the trees.


This is where another perspective can prove to be very helpful, if not transformational in how we both perceive and approach our thoughts, feelings and actions. We all need to face ourselves in one way or another, and get real with what we notice, yet keep our calm and continue to march ahead towards a shared vision of the future.


Giving up has never been an option to me! When you receive openness and support from someone who can't help but hold you in your highest regard, light and purpose... it can be truly transformational! 

I have been there, probably where you are too in some ways... in life and in business, in many diverse moments, in different types of shoes and I have always kept on going and evolved into yet another version of ME. There is no pause in human development nor in creating a Life or a business, brand or culture. Life is meant to be an on-going discovery and creation. Having another set of eyes and a mirror to your speaking can help create greater clarity and focus if not reconnect one self with our essence.

When it comes to coaching know this...

A good coach will get you to set goals for your self and your life.

A great coach will get you to move the f*** out of your own way! In a HUGE BIG WAY!

A transformational coach will give you all of the above but also help you get in touch with your creative essence as I AM HERE only to remind YOU of ALL YOU already know to be TRUE.  

The gifts of open-minded and co-creative conversations can be endless as well as endlessly accumulative. The result inherent in our conversations will be greater clarity and insight.

That's the easy peasy part. Insight leads to greater sense of personal power, transformation and oneness with self. Remember; Vision precedes Strategy as Mindset precedes Skillset. 

YOUR LIFE is up to YOU!

What do YOU want to get clear about? 

What do YOU want to create? 

Ps. If you need medication or therapy, seek a mental health professional. Many truly are like angels in human form and super skilled in their craft. If you are here because you are ready to be creative in creating your own clarity, being your own mastermind and designing your own legacy... 

Hi again, I'm Maja - The Life Designer. 

Coaching Contact

I work with most clients from one to three years. I only take on a select few a year. Several I have worked with for over five years, and one I have worked with since 2007. My coaching is not for the faint of heart. I only work with those whose word is more powerful than any contract. 

For serious and appropriate inquiries; EMAIL